Touring Setup

February 12, 2019

The touring rig is finally coming together. I bought this beast of a custom rig off Craigslist listed by an amazing Bike Mechanic who rarely rode it. All of the components that matter are Campagnolo (called ‘campy’ in the cycling community) salvaged from bike co-ops throughout Chicago. These parts are known for lasting forever as long as you maintain them.

Nearing Complete

Before I bought this bike I was biking in the only speed that worked on my Dad’s old Nishiki to The Next Door Cafe in Lakeview. The school year was ending so my position as a Tech Consultant for schools around the city was going to be on break too so I was looking for more technical opportunities. I had just received my certification from the Project Management Institute and was self-learning SQL and Python (I wish I knew about ‘productive struggle’ back then) to bolster my resume for analytical positions. The more I learned and further I dove into coding I realized I needed to enter a coding bootcamp and set things in motion to enroll Fullstack Academy of Code’s next cohort.

So with my leftover VW-Golf-TDI-buyback-money I had after financing my Fullstack Academy of Code tuition I got the Surly. This bike really meant a lot to me being the ultimate touring rig and also not having a car. No worries though, I was still able to get groceries easily after grabbing a couple of Ortlieb pannier sets off craigslist for a huge discount.

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