Tubus Duo Lowriders

February 09, 2019

Just received my Tubus Duo Lowriders from BikeSomeWhere through Amazon (free shipping and arrived in only 2 days). So far the quality is fantastic. Being lowriders they have no hoop over the wheel which allows me to keep my randonneuring rack installed. They’re made of lightweight chromoly which allows for versatility in packing. If you just need the randonneuring rack you won’t really notice the Tubus.

Front Rack

I was hesitant and considered waiting to get the the Surly Front Rack, which is touted as the heavy duty choice. I’m glad I didn’t now because my small Ortleib City panniers are almost too small to fit on this model. You do have to adjust the hook position to a specific place, but once its set the panniers are very snug.

Tubus Duo Lowrider