Full Stack Engineer

Hi! My Name is Tony Boetto, and I'm a Full Stack Engineer. Before attending Fullstack Academy, I had a rewarding job working as a Tech Consultant for schools primarily on Chicago's south side.

Bringing an idea to life on both the back and front end is what makes full stack development appealing to me. I enjoy the opportunities to learn new technologies and see them work together to solve problems. If after reviewing some of my projects to see if we match well, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


NodeJS/JavaScriptPostgreSQL/SequelizeExpressGatsbyJSReactReduxTailwindCSSCSS3deck.glreact-map-glMochaChaiLinuxCAPM Certified through PMI


hover mockup for animation
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User data driven app to find and compare restaurant reviews, traffic and wait-times

Utilized PERN stack with Uber's deck.gl and react-map-gl for heatmap visualization and google-places and yelp-fusion beta graphql api for review aggregation

Personally Implemented:

  • Wait time and user traffic (check ins) heatmap implementation via Uber's react-map-gl, deck.gl, and Redux
  • Wait time and check in PostgreSQL/Sequelize modeling including all Sequelize afterCreate and beforeCreate hooks, virtual getters (including suggested restaurant algorithm) and setter methods relevant to wait time and check in data (see blog)
  • Randomly generated and JSONified thousands of wait time and check in seed data points and altered db sequencing to allow for seeding for heroku deploy
  • Express route and redux thunk to query for yelp's restaurant data (utilizing yelp-fusion api's beta graphql querying and my own utility functions) to store that business data with dummy 'radius data' in database and update props on popup only on individual marker click


Sole developer of website that analyzes user’s gaming account data

Extensive data cleaning and victory.js data visualization. Used riot games developer api, champion.gg api, express and react/redux front end

Personally Implemented:

  • Used 'kayn' module to rate limit now expired api endpoints to query for user's 100 most recently played games and user's account id, ranking and tier position
  • Cleaned said data to find users most played champion and generated api requests to query for user's statistics in games where user played said champion
  • Cleaned and averaged statistics received and queried champion.gg api for statistics on character in user's ranking and tier position and sent personalized data to front end
  • Once data received on front end, statistics visualized using Victory.js


An e-commerce website that sells books

Built on the PERN stack with node-mailer and stripe api integration

Personally Implemented:

  • Order and line-item(OrderBook = Order & Book models' many to many join table) PostgreSQL modeling including Sequelize setter methods, beforeCreate hook to permanently set line-item price in database according to current Book price, and afterCreate hook to set Order's total price based off totaled line-item prices & quantity
  • Order history and individual order Express routes, Redux store (including async thunk action creators) and React component implementation
  • Stripe front end and API route implementation. Order db entry was made with stripe token received via req.body then line-item(OrderBook) entries were bulkCreated using created order id with the book ids and quantities from cart which set line-item prices based off prices in the database and guarded us from malicious POST requests that set their own prices. Once total price was set in our db via setter method, we made the stripe charge by querying for order number to receive total price and stripe token, adjusted order status in database and emailed user via nodemailer their total charge and order number
  • Implementation of /browse sort by category feature


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  • Full Stack JavaScript and Computer Science
  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • Tailor creative solutions to the client’s unique problems
  • Advise administration on procurement of new assets and utilization of existing assets
  • Oversee, verify and provide clarity on technology readiness for standardized testing
  • Manage student account creation for various educational services
  • Train faculty and administration to effectively utilize IT assets to meet goals
  • Manage, maintain and extend the life of existing technology asset inventory
  • Process closing packages into collateral packages to be sent to their respective warehouse banks
  • Review documents for completeness considering regional laws and warehouse/investor bank guidelines
  • Coordinate with closers, title companies and shipping managers on remedying document deficiencies
  • Orchestrate efforts between collateral and review teams to pinpoint deficiencies and meet priority deadlines
  • Generate membership and eCommerce sales by identifying member needs and addressing them
  • Enhance the Angie’s List member experience by quickly interpreting member issues and recognizing how to resolve them
  • Collaborate with other departments and outside companies to determine the best action to satisfy a member’s needs and forward business initiatives
  • Recognized as a Stephan’s Club member during my first quarter by performing in the top 20% of my department measured using various metrics
  • Communicated with associates to fulfill pick orders, expedited orders and vendor returns
  • Assisted in resolving inventory control and quality assurance
  • Exceeded performance goals by 35 percent and consistently recognized as a top performer
  • Krannert School of Management
  • GPA: 3.1

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